Common Questions
What is

The world's first software mapping platform. It is a self-service SaaS platform built for any size of business.

What is software indexing?

The process of creating, recording and maintaining high-level software asset metadata.

A software index can be used for many things, including as the basis for a software map.

What is software mapping?

The visualization of complex software systems to assist in identifying, understanding and communicating.

Involves the abstraction of software to assist in the consumption of by people.

How can it help our company?

Improving the software literacy of an organization's people has a measurable impact on the performance of that organization.

Also, with a better understanding of software, software infrastructure can be more efficient (e.g. application monitoring/alerting).

Where do I start?

You can start right now by creating a new account. No credit card needed. Just click above.

What does it cost?

Check out our pricing page for more information

You can start for free with our 60-day trial.

How does it compare with other tools?

Many current tools are built for architects only. We believe anyone should be allowed to understand software.

Our goal, through Software Mapping, is to empower everyone with a better understanding of the digital world.

How can our software metadata be catalogued initially?

First, find the most accurate source(s) of software metadata. It is common that you will need to import data from many systems.

Second, decide what data you wish to index. Often, just high-level information is enough (you can link to other more detailed information in other systems).

Third, use either our CSV import or API to load data into Hive.

Can't Hive just scan my environment?


Hive is designed to help humans understand software. This means we need to record how humans describe software.

But, it is possible to largely automate the collection of metadata. Often, the best place to record metadata, is with the people who know it best. For custom applications, a json file in a GitHub repo. For integrations, with the middleware team. Many Hive customers write integrations to keep local metadata in sync.

How is software metadata kept up-to-date?

It depends the scale of the problem...

Smaller organisations will be able keep their software metadata up-to-date directly in Hive.

Larger organisations should consider automating the process of collection metadata from multiple sources. You can use our either our connectors or API to integrate Hive with other systems.

Can the collection of software metadata be automated?


We have an API that can be used to update any type of software metadata.

We also have a number of connectors for synchronizing with systems.

I'm a partner, how can Hive help our business?

We have great opportunities for partners.

How does Hive support enterprise customers?

Hive is an enterprise-grade SaaS platform including:

- Dedicated, isolated enterprise cloud hosted in AWS

- Full redundancy with 99.99% up-time SLAs

- 24/7 support across regions

- Dedicated account managers

- Enterprise-grade security provisioning through Auth0