The Hive Platform
A powerful platform ready to accelerate your software understanding.

hiveSTUDIO is the engine room of the Hive Platform. It provides powerful functionality that controls the metadata catalogue, looks after data import/export and allows for the creation of custom styles.

Populate your software landscape data. Quickly import & export through the user friendly wizard.
Build beautiful, easy to understand maps. Software cartographers have complete control over the style, look and feel of your software map.
Manage & Publish
Manage data sets used to create software maps, configure how the data is stored and updated and publish maps.

Addons within the Hive Platform come with prebuilt functionality, styles and visualizations. Some of the current hiveADDONs include; Metamap for visualizing and advanced searching of software and integrations, Dashmap an all-in-one dashboard solution, and Timemap that provides powerful as-is/to-be analysis.

Access advanced features
Beautiful styles, interactive visualizations and advanced search are some of the features available today. More public hiveADDONs are being added everyday.
Build addons directly in hive
Build and deploy custom applications directly to your hive removing the need for standing up your own development environments and additional servers.

The Hive Platform comes with a number of options for talking directly to other on-premise and cloud-hosted systems.

Open API
Create custom applications and integrate into your enterprise systems using hiveHUB's APIs.
Third-party connectors
Use one of the out-of-the-box connectors to rapidly connect and get/push data into a number of popular solutions.