Moving forward with complexity
Software mapping takes key concepts from geographic information systems (GIS) to radically improve our understanding of complex systems of software.
Geographic Mapping

In the beginning, the study of geography was born out of the need to understand and control people and places.

In the modern era, especially through GIS, it has been used as a great enabler that allows people to move freely from place to place.

Today, we take the ability to locate, navigate and analyse geographic maps for granted. With million of nodes and interconnections, billions of people are able make powerful decisions.

Software Mapping

Software mapping takes the very best ideas from geographic mapping to radically improve our understanding of complex systems.

Gone are the days where only a select few needed an understand of software (a.k.a. throwing it over the IT fence). Today business decisions are often software decisions and vice-versa.

Software mapping was developed to broaden the understanding of software, allowing business to compete in a global, digital marketplace.

Features of Software Mapping
Software Index
Consistent Place
Powerful Styles