Hive is the foundation for making better decisions with software
Hive creates an alignment between people and software, empowering your business to thrive in the digital world.
Working with complex systems of software is hard
Software is Complex
People are Divided
Change is Rapid
Hive simplifies complex systems of software

As a software mapping platform, Hive is able to break down thousands of complex applications, integrations and processes.

Unlike complex architecture tools, software mapping is designed to reach the broadest possible audience, allowing everyone to understand how your business operates through software.

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Hive helps everyone find the answers they need

Hive is a flexible and collaborative platform that empowers everyone to catalogue the information most important to them.

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Hive streamlines your workflows

Setting up an accurate catalogue of applications, integrations and processes opens up a world of automation opportunities. Connect to log management platforms, change management tools, or build your own connector to automate a range of processes.